The Islamic Association of Raleigh provides complete funeral services, including:

  1. Picking-up the deceased from place of death (home, hospital, nursing home, Medical Examiner, etc) to our funeral preparation room within the IAR -Atwater Street Campus.
  2. Washing the body (ghusl) and shrouding (Kafn) by qualified, experienced Muslims (females are handled by females only).
  3. Providing the Kafan materials (Islamic shroud).
  4. Providing caskets.
  5. Transporting the casket for Janazah to the IAR Cemetery
  6. Offering Salat al-Janazah (Funeral Prayer) by one of our Imams at the IAR.
  7. Transporting the casket from IAR  to the cemetery.
  8. Leading the burial process with a funeral sermon and dua on the grave by one of our qualified experts.
  9. Hosting Majlis / Aza’ (condolences reception) for the deceased family.
  10. Preparing death certificates & other necessary paperwork.
  11. Offering related counseling as needed such as: inheritance, planned giving, wasiyah (Bequest), etc.

The availability of The IAR  funeral services is at all times an essential service.